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Why Choose the Operational Fire Safe Roll hose roller

Reduce Injuries

The Operational Fire Safe Roll hose roller greatly improves the safety of the operator by removing poor manual handling while rolling hose. The traditional method of rolling by hand places strain on the back of the personnel rolling the hose.

Increases situational awareness

Allows the operator to be standing upright, not stooped over the hose which allows greater situational awareness on the dynamic fire ground.

Increases operational capability

By allowing hose to be rolled by one person in significantly faster time, it decreases the time spent rolling hose.

Doesn't drag couplings

Due to our patented design the Operational Fire Safe Roll roller doesn't drag couplings or hose as you roll, a feature that other hose rollers do not have. This saves money by reducing damage caused by dragging hoses and couplings.

Occupational Health and Safety

It is the responsibility of all workers and employers to where possible remove or mitigate hazards in the workplace.

Below are studies and information on topics that our roller address, such as the fact that 50% of injuries to the population are back injuries, which in most cases are a cumulative issue. The hierarchy of control demonstrates the need to employ a device such as the Operational Fire Safe Roll hose roller, as we cannot eliminate the requirement to roll hoses, but we can reduce the risk of injury through engineering.

Below are some links to more detailed information regarding the reasons why using the Safe Roll should be considered in the work place.

Click the pictures for more information.

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