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The Operational Fire Safe Roll Hose Roller

A safer and faster way to roll hose

  • Reduce injuries by improving manual handling​

  • Increase situational awareness

  • Multiple rolling styles

  • Significantly faster than hand rolling

  • Light weight: less than 7kg (13lbs)

  • Compact and collapsible for easy storage

  • Rolls 25mm - 76mm (1-3") diameter hose 

  • Does not drag couplings or hose - due to The Operational Fire Safe Roll hose roller patented design 

  • Allows more than 30m (100 ft) of hose to be rolled by a single operator

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Introducing the 'Safe Roll'

All you need to know about the Operational Fire 'Safe Roll'.

'Safe Roll' vs Rolling by hand

Side by side comparison of rolling 64mm fire hose.

How to Use

Donut roll (Dutch)

Rolling a donut style roll.

Straight roll (around the coupling)

Rolling a straight roll around the coupling.

Twin donut roll

The twin donut roll. Just turn the selector rod located under the bottom roller and away you go.

Different Terrain rolls

Rolling fire hose long different terrain, showing some of the capabilities of the Safe Roll.

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